Canada — British Columbia Coast Day 2

Sunshine Coast Sechelt/Madeira Park — Day 2 of a 4-Day Trip on British Columbia Coast

The weather was cooler in Madeira Park compared to the previous days. The sun was hidden by rain clouds and there was a slight breeze. We had a kayaking tour booked with Halfmoon Sea Kayaks in the morning.

Day 2 

Sunshine Coast – Sechelt/Madeira park
Kayaking in Halfmoon Bay

We met our kayaking tour guide at Halfmoon Bay for our 4-hour kayaking tour. After setting up our tandem kayaks, we headed out into the bay. The water was surprisingly warm despite the cool climate. At one point, we had to portage over mussel shells as a short cut.

It was very windy out resulting in large waves, but the tandem kayaks were very sturdy. Despite the sprayskirt, we still got completely soaked. Kayaking through the rough waves was a lot of fun! We were out on the water for 4 hours and saw tons of sea lions, but unfortunately were not able to visit all the planned areas due to much of the time spent battling the winds.

After kayaking, we headed back to the Airbnb to wash up and made homemade pizza for late lunch. It had gotten a bit warmer and the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds. After lunch, we headed to Sechelt. First stop was Bricker’s Cider. The Cidery is located on an apple tree farm — such a cute location! We shared a flight of 3 ciders — Original (Apple), Frambo (Raspberry), and Sage, Thyme, and Peppercorn — and sat at a table outside. The ciders were drier than other ciders I have had before, but good. We purchased a bottle of the Frambo and Rosé to enjoy back at the Airbnb.

Bricker’s Cidery

We stopped by Burnett Falls on the way back to the Airbnb. The hike to Burnett Falls is a short 10 minute uphill path. At the top, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the waterfall across the canyon.

Burnett Falls

We headed back to the Airbnb and walked to dinner at the Grasshopper Pub (less than a 5 minute walk), located in the Pender Harbour Hotel in Madeira Park. I ordered the cottage pie with the house salad and enjoyed a glass of moscow mule. The cottage pie portion was huge! The beautiful sunset colours radiated in the background as we enjoyed our dinner.

View from Grasshopper Pub

Complete Day 2 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

8:00am: Enjoy breakfast and coffee/tea at the Airbnb.

8:30am: Go on a 4-hour Kayaking Tour (potential meeting location is Halfmoon Bay which is a 20 minute drive from Madeira Park).

1:00pm: Head back to Airbnb for lunch.

3:00pm: Head to Bricker’s Cider (25 minute drive from Madeira Park). Order a tasting flight.

4:00pm: Head to Burnett Falls Park (12 minute drive from Bricker’s Cider). Hike up to the waterfall (10 minute hike from the base).

5:00pm: Walk along the water at Porpoise Bay (2 minute drive from Burnett Falls). Explore Sechelt (5 minute drive from Porpoise Bay). Head back to the Airbnb.

6:00pm: Walk/Drive to Grasshopper Pub for dinner.

4-Day BC Coast Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 4-Day BC Coast Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip along the BC Coast!

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