Canada — Tofino, British Columbia Day 3

Tofino — Day 3 of a 5-Day Trip in Tofino

Day 3 in Tofino was a sunny fall day. We really lucked out on weather — good for a morning beach walk and afternoon kayak. Tofino is known for its surfing and there are quite a few beach options for surfers — Chesterman Beach, Long Beach, Wickaninnish Beach, and Cox Bay Beach are among the most popular. We visited Chesterman Beach on Day 3, and visited the other 3 beaches on Day 4.

Day 3 


For breakfast, we picked up the “Bro” Nut from Rhino Coffee House (their specialty). The “Bro” Nut is a breakfast sandwich, but uses a savoury donut as the buns. Rhino Coffee House normally has a long line, but it seemed like we missed the rush as we did not have to wait at all.

We checked out of our Airbnb as we only stayed for two nights and had planned to stay at the Middle Beach Lodge for our last two nights in Tofino. Afterwards, we headed to Chesterman Beach for a morning walk. The parking lot at Chesterman Beach was full, so we had to park along the road.

Chesterman Beach

The Carving Shed

Chesterman Beach is a gorgeous spot. We watched the surfers catching the waves. To the north of Chesterman Beach is the Carving Shed. It was closed when we visited, but when open, visitors can catch a glimpse of the woodcarvers working away. The Carving Shed was originally opened by Master Carver Henry Nolla, but since his passing, new woodcarvers have taken the mantle in his place.

After the Carving Shed, we continued south on our walk along Chesterman Beach heading to Frank Island. Frank Island is only accessible at foot during low tide. We climbed onto the rocks and walked out to the water to watch the waves crash against the rocks.

After our refreshing morning stroll, we headed back to downtown Tofino for our afternoon kayaking tour. But first — lunch. We arrived at Sea Monster Noodle Bar at noon, 5 minutes before the restaurant opened. We ordered the dan dan noodles and phanang fish curry and sat down at the table outside.

We joined the Harbour Islands tour with Tofino Sea Kayaking, which we had booked the day before. The tour was 3 hours long and we paddled around the small islands surrounding Tofino. The guide was very knowledgeable about Tofino’s history. Unfortunately, I did not bring my phone for fear of dropping it in the water, but I guarantee that it was an awesome adventure.

Next stop was Middle Beach Lodge to check-in to our room. The room was very cute and had a cabin-like feel. The view from the window was mesmerizing and looked gorgeous with the sunset backdrop.

Middle Beach Lodge

For dinner, we headed to Sobo. Sobo started as a food truck, but now has its own sit-down restaurant. We ordered a mushroom soup and smoked salmon chowder to start, cibolo shrimp and a mushroom pizza to share, and a mascarpone cheesecake for dessert. Delicious!

We headed back to our hotel room for the evening after dinner. We were exhausted after our busy day.

Complete Day 3 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

9:00am: Have breakfast and coffee at Rhino Coffee House.

10:00am: Head to Chesterman Beach (6 minute drive from Rhino Coffee House). Stroll along the beach. Visit the Carving Shed and Frank Island.

12:00pm: Have lunch at Sea Monster Noodle Bar (7 minute drive from Chesterman Beach).

1:00pm: Join a kayaking tour (4 minute walk from Sea Monster Noodle Bar). Suggestion: Tofino Sea Kayaking Tours

6:00pm: Have dinner at Sobo (4 minute drive).

5-Day Tofino Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 5-Day Tofino Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip to Tofino!

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