Canada — Tofino, British Columbia Day 5

Tofino — Day 5 of a 5-Day Trip in Tofino

Day 5 is mostly a road trip back to Vancouver. It was supposed to rain all day, so we did not make many side stops. Overall, we had lucked out on the weather in Tofino – 2 days of rain for storm watching and 3 days of sun/clouds for hikes and beach walks. We finished off our trip by visiting family for a few days in Maple Bay.

Day 5 

Road Trip to Vancouver

We picked up complimentary breakfast at the lodge once again and headed out to Summit Bread Company to pick up more pastries. Summit Bread Company is located beside Tofino Distillery and makes delicious bread.

Summit Bread Company

We also stopped at Tofitian Cafe for coffee and waited until Tacofino opened to pick up burritos to go. Their burritos are delicious! The rain had really started to pick up, so we enjoyed our burritos in the comfort of the car.

Our Pacific Rim National Park Reserve pass was still valid for the morning, so we drove to Florencia Bay. We ran through the rain to the viewpoint, took one last look at the waves, and ran back to the car. Florencia Bay is beautiful and is hidden away from the other beaches in the park.

Florencia Bay

Next, we made a short stop at Ucluelet to visit the aquarium. Ucluelet Aquarium is a catch and release aquarium. The aquarium is open between March to November each year. From December to February, they release all their sea creatures back into their natural habitats and prepare for the next season. This means that visitors can see new sea creatures every year!

Ucluelet Aquarium

We also stopped to pick up some tea from Thay Tea in Ucluelet before continuing our drive.

After an hour and half drive, we stopped at Twin City Brewing Company in Port Alberni. We ordered a flight (raspberry peach sour, berliner weise with blueberry, grapefruit radler, and apple cider) and the spiced hummus to share.

While leaving Port Alberni, we stopped at Coombs Country Candy Store. The store’s name begins with “Coombs” despite not being located in Coombs. This is because the candy store was originally located beside the Coombs Old Country Market, known for the goats on the roof. The store moved out to Port Alberni, but kept the name.

Coombs Country Candy Store

Across from the candy store is the trailhead leading to the Hole in the Wall. It takes less than 20 minutes to get to the Hole in the Wall, an opening that used to house a pipeline supplying fresh water to Port Alberni. After the pipeline was removed, the hole remained due to erosion, thus the Hole in the Wall. Unfortunately, we decided not to go as we did not want to hike in the rain.

From Port Alberni, we continued to Maple Bay, which we stayed at for the last few days of our vacation.

Complete Day 5 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

10:00am: Have breakfast at the hotel (Middle Beach Lodge).

11:00am: Stop by Summit Bread Company for pastries (5 minute drive from Middle Beach Lodge). Pick up coffee from Tofitian Cafe (3 minute drive from Summit Bread Company). Pick up Tacofino for lunch (1 minute walk from Tofitian Cafe).

12:00pm: Visit Florencia Bay (22 minute drive). Have lunch on the beach.

1:00pm: Visit Ucluelet Aquarium (11 minute drive).

2:00pm: Drive to Port Alberni (1 hour and 30 minute drive). Stop at Twin City Brewing Company for a snack (5 minute drive).

3:00pm: Stop by Coombs Country Candy Store (7 minute drive).

4:00pm: Walk down to the Hole in the Wall (1 minute to trailhead from Coombs Country Candy Store).

5:00pm: Continue to Nanaimo (1 hour drive). Catch the Departure Bay Ferry back to Horseshoe Bay (1 hour and 40 minute ferry) or the Duke Point Ferry to Tsawwassen (2 hour ferry).

5-Day Tofino Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 5-Day Tofino Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip to Tofino!

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