South Korea – Seoul Day 4

Seoul – Day 4 of a 4-Day Trip in South Korea

We had originally wanted to go to Nami Island on Day 4, but due to the heavy rain, we decided to do an indoor activity – Lotte World. Lotte World is the world’s largest indoor theme park, but also has an outdoor section called “Magic World”. I will just have to save Nami Island when I next visit South Korea!

Day 4


After having a small snack at the Guesthouse, we headed out to get Korean fried chicken for brunch. I cannot remember the exact location, but I believe we chose a restaurant in Gangnam. We ordered the spicy and the original flavours, which also came with pickled radish. Yum!

Next stop – Lotte World! We were greeted by the large indoor ice rink, but headed straight to the main indoor section of the park. The wait times for all the rides were extremely long and the park was busy despite it being a week day.

Ice Rink
Indoor Section
Magic World

Some of the attractions require an additional cost, so make sure to check beforehand. After going on a few rides, we headed to Lotte World Folk Museum, located on the 3rd floor of Lotte World. The admission to the Folk Museum is included in the Day Pass at Lotte World. The Folk Museum is interesting and offers a glimpse into Korea’s history, complete with miniature displays.

Outside the Folk Museum, there are a few traditional themed restaurants. We picked one for lunch. I ordered the bibimbap, which is rice with an assortment of meat and vegetables. The meal also came with a small soup and side dishes.

Bibimbap for Lunch

After lunch, we went on a few more rides and stayed to watch the 8pm evening parade.

After the parade, we headed to a restaurant recommended by my friend’s family. We ordered pajeon and makgeolli to share. Pajeon is a savoury Korean pancake with scallion as the main ingredient. It is often stuffed with a protein – beef, pork, seafood, etc. Makgeolli is a Korean sweet rice wine with a milky-white colour. The meal also came with kimchi and pickled onion.

This concluded our day, so we headed back to the Guesthouse for the evening. We had an early flight the next day.

Note: Here’s my brunch at the airport – Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodles)!

Complete Day 4 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary and do not include walking distances to and from train stations. Check Kakao Map for most accurate travel details. Google Maps does not work very well in Korea.

9:00am: Have a small breakfast at the Guesthouse.

10:00am: Go to a Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant for brunch. Suggestion: Pick a restaurant in Gangnam (45 minute bus from Seogyodong to Gangnam-gu Office)!

11:00am: Head to Lotte World (16 minute bus from Gangnam-gu Office to Jamsil Lotte World). Spend the day at Lotte World. Visit the Lotte World Folk Museum.

9:00pm: Have a late dinner. Suggestion: Pajeon and Makgeolli!

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