South Korea – Seoul Day 4

Seoul – Day 4 of a 4-Day Trip in South Korea We had originally wanted to go to Nami Island on Day 4, but due to the heavy rain, we decided to do an indoor activity – Lotte World. Lotte World is the world’s largest indoor theme park, but also has an outdoor section calledContinue reading “South Korea – Seoul Day 4”

South Korea – Seoul Day 3

Seoul – Day 3 of a 4-Day Trip in South Korea Day 3 in Seoul was a rainy day. We had a mix of indoor and outdoor activities planned, so we were hopeful that the weather would work out for us. Like the previous morning, we headed up to the rooftop of the Guesthouse forContinue reading “South Korea – Seoul Day 3”

South Korea – Seoul Day 2

Seoul – Day 2 of a 4-Day Trip in South Korea One of my friends had family in South Korea, so we met up with her cousin for lunch and afternoon shopping. We were becoming accustomed with the time change, so we were starting to sleep in more and more. Today’s focus was to visitContinue reading “South Korea – Seoul Day 2”

South Korea – Seoul Day 1

Seoul – Day 1 of a 4-Day Trip in South Korea We landed at the Incheon International Airport early. Hungry and tired, we took a 1 hour 15 minutes train into Seoul. Although early, we were hopeful that the guesthouse room was ready for us. We were lucky – our room was ready! Day 1Continue reading “South Korea – Seoul Day 1”

Taiwan Day 2

Jiufen and Keelung — Day 2 of a 3-Day Trip in Taiwan We were headed to Jiufen for the day. Jiufen is a seaside mountainous town about an hour bus ride from Taipei. It is popular due to its resemblance to the town in Studio Ghibli’s movie Spirited Away. Day 2  Jiufen and Keelung city Before headingContinue reading “Taiwan Day 2”

Singapore Day 3

Day 3 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore We headed to Sentosa for our last day in Singapore, specifically to visit Universal Studios. Sentosa is a resort island in Singapore and can be reached by car, pedestrian board walk, cable car, or monorail. Sentosa is filled with a variety of attractions — beaches, amusement parks, museums, andContinue reading “Singapore Day 3”

Singapore Day 2

Day 2 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore For Day 2 in Singapore, we were headed to the Singapore’s Chinatown for the morning and then back to the downtown area for the afternoon. Despite the clouds, it was yet another warm day! Day 2  Singapore We were headed to My Awesome Cafe for breakfast, locatedContinue reading “Singapore Day 2”

Singapore Day 1

Day 1 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore We arrived in Singapore from Taiwan late in the evening. Despite being early May, the climate was warm with temperatures reaching 30°C during the day. It felt like summer! After dropping our bags at the hostel, Happy Snail Hostel, we walked to the outdoor food court aroundContinue reading “Singapore Day 1”