Japan Travel Tips and Recommendations

Here are some tips for making the most out of your trip to Japan!

1. Take advantage of the JAL and ANA domestic flight discounts for tourists if you are planning on visiting various Japanese cities.

2. Rent a portable wifi egg during your stay in Japan. Google Maps is pretty reliable for the train and bus schedules across Japan.

3. Buy a PASMO or SUICA card to load money on. You can use it to tap and go on the trains, in convenience stores, and various other places. You can use these cards across Japan.

4. Look into the 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour Tokyo Metro Ticket if you plan to move around a lot. These include all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. They can be bought at the airport, train station, tourist information centres, and possibly your hotel.

5. If you are planning a visit to the Kansai Region, use Osaka as your base. The commute to the surrounding cities is pretty reasonable and you do not have to bother with carrying your luggage from one place to another. I think Osaka has a better night life compared to Kyoto and Nara.

6. Consider getting the 1-day or 2-day Osaka Amazing Pass. It includes Osaka Metro and City Bus Services, as well as other select train lines. It also includes admission to a variety of attractions in Osaka. They can be bought at the stationmasters’ office at metro stations, tourist information centres, and possibly your hotel.

7. Stop by the convenience store (7/11, Lawsons, FamilyMart, etc.) if you are looking for a quick meal or snacks. They have a really good selection of meals.

8. Look for the ATM sign at convenience stores (7/11, Lawsons, FamilyMart, etc.) if you need to withdraw money. They are easy to find and located all across Japan. My preference was always 7/11.

9. Take advantage of the coin lockers in the train stations to temporarily store luggage while moving around Japan. There are both small and large lockers to meet your needs.

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