Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 4

Sapporo — Day 4 of a 4-Day Trip in Japan’s Hokkaido Region Despite the cold weather, Hokkaido’s fresh seafood and scenic towns made this region a great area to visit. I appreciated the fact that Sapporo was not as busy as the other main Japanese cities we had visited. Noboribetsu and Otaru both served as nice getawaysContinue reading “Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 4”

Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 3

Otaru — Day 3 of a 4-Day Trip in Japan’s Hokkaido Region Day 3 consisted of a day-trip to a port city northwest of Sapporo called Otaru. The train ride to Otaru Station took about 50 minutes from Sapporo Station and the route passes the ocean. Otaru is a really cute town and deserves a visit! DayContinue reading “Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 3”

Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 2

Sapporo — Day 2 of a 4-Day Trip in Japan’s Hokkaido Region Day 2 was a Sapporo day. We visited the Odori area, Sapporo Beer Market, Mt. Moiwa, and ended the night in Susukino. This was the coldest day during our 4-day trip in Hokkaido. The streets were icy during the early morning and late evening, butContinue reading “Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 2”

Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 1

Noboribetsu — Day 1 of a 4-Day Trip in Japan’s Hokkaido Region Hokkaido was the last area we visited for our 14-day trip in Japan — the end to the trilogy. The climate was a huge change compared to the Kanto and Kansai Regions — snow with temperatures ranging from -5–5ºC! Vancouver, BC was warmer than Hokkaido this time of theContinue reading “Japan — Hokkaido Region Day 1”