Japan — Kantō Region Day 5

Tokyo — Day 5 of a 5-Day Trip in Japan’s Kanto Region I really enjoyed our 5 days in the Kanto Region. I definitely think we tried to pack a lot in our day, but that was because there was so much to see! Tokyo is an amazing city and it was nice to see the country-sideContinue reading “Japan — Kantō Region Day 5”

Japan — Kantō Region Day 3

Tokyo — Day 3 of a 5-Day Trip in Japan’s Kanto Region Day 3 was another beautiful day, and this time without the cold morning and evening rain. We spent Day 3 visiting the many attractions in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Shinjuku and Shibuya are both known as the entertainment hubs of Tokyo. Shinjuku even has a red-lightContinue reading “Japan — Kantō Region Day 3”

Japan — Kantō Region Day 2

Tokyo — Day 2 of a 5-Day Trip in Japan’s Kanto Region The day started off cloudy and cold, got warmer throughout the day and ended with a downpour! Day 2 took us to a variety of districts in Tokyo. Each district has its own culture— Shimokitazawa is hip, Chiyoda is traditional, Nihonbashi is business and AkihabaraContinue reading “Japan — Kantō Region Day 2”

Japan — Kantō Region Day 1

Tokyo — Day 1 of a 5-Day Trip in Japan’s Kanto Region We spent the first 5 days of our 14-day Japan vacation in the Kanto Region — in particular, Tokyo and Kawaguchiko. It was November when we visited, the weather in Kanto was warm with temperatures around 20°C during the day. It does get a little cooler inContinue reading “Japan — Kantō Region Day 1”