Canada – Okanagan Day 4

Kelowna – Day 4 of a 6-Day Trip in the Okanagan

Originally, we were going to start the day with a hike up Knox Mountain. However, the smoke and the heat deterred us as there would be no award of a view at the top and very little shade throughout the hike. Instead, we just stayed in for the morning. It was a nice relaxing morning.

Day 4


For brunch, we headed to Krafty Kitchen + Bar. On the weekends, they have Hip Hop Brunch, where they play 80’s music. We ordered the Pop Lox and Drop It (smoked salmon, avocado, pickled red onion, and crispy capers) and the Got Chick or Fry Tryin’ (fried chicken, blue cheese, and hot sauce). Each had 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top of smashed potatoes and spinach. I liked the Pop Lox and Drop It, but my boyfriend found the Got Chick or Fry Tryin’ a bit bland.

After brunch, we walked to Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique to pick up chocolate and breakfast pastries for the next day.

We then visited two wineries – St. Hubertus Estate Winery and Summerhill Pyramid Winery. The vineyards at St. Hubertus Estate Winery stretched far and their wines were good.

Tastings at Summerhill Pyramid Winery are free and it was the busiest winery we visited during our trip. It is true to its name, with a pyramid cellar built directly on the site. At the time of our visit, it looked like they were preparing for a wedding.

We also stopped by Cedar Creek and Tantalus Vineyards. However, both only have sit down wine tastings and Cedar Creek was fully booked for the day, while Tantalus Vineyards had a 40 minute wait. So, we headed back to downtown Kelowna.

It was getting close to dinner time, so we walked to dinner at Antico Napoletena. Antico Napoletena is a top rated pizzeria. It has an easy going structure. We ordered at the front and took our number to the table of our choosing. The food came out quickly – first the antipasto mild and then the carne-val pizza.

After dinner, we walked along the marina to Waterfront Park. Waterfront Park has luscious greenery and the walking paths are well maintained. The park is also home to Tugboat Beach, a tranquil destination with sandy beaches, which looks out to Okanagan Lake.

Our walk eventually led us to our first brewery for the evening – BNA Brewing. We ordered 2 flights from BNA. I particularly liked ‘Purple Rain’ – a berliner weisse style sour with a hint of blackberries. The shape of the flight holder at BNA Brewing was of the City of Kelowna, and it even marked the location of BNA on it!

Next breweries were Jackknife Brewery and Kettle River Brewing, which are neighbours. Jackknife Brewery does not have flights, but you can order a sampling and they will give you a small glass. They have deep dish square pizzas on Sundays. Kettle River Brewing has a nice patio out in the front.

After a few drinks, we headed back to the Airbnb for the evening.

Complete Day 4 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

9:00am: Go on a hike up Knox Mountain (Apex Trail).

11:00am: Brunch at Krafty Kitchen + Bar (10 minute drive from Knox Mountain).

1:00pm: Stop by Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique (4 minute walk from Krafty Kitchen + Bar).

1:30pm: Visit Wineries in South Kelowna! Winery Suggestions: Cedar Creek Estate Winery (20 minute drive from Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique), St. Hubertus Estate Winery (2 minute drive from Cedar Creek Estate Winery), Summerhill Pyramid Winery (4 minute drive from St. Hubertus Estate Winery), and Tantalus Vineyards (9 minute drive from Summerhill Pyramid Winery).

5:30pm: Have dinner at Antico Napoletena (20 minute drive from South Kelowna).

6:30pm: Go for a walk along the Waterfront Boardwalk to Waterfront Park (11 minute walk from Antico Napoletena).

7:00pm: Go on a Brewery Tour. Suggestions: BNA Brewing (4 minute walk from Waterfront Park), Jackknife Brewing (10 minute walk from BNA Brewing), and Kettle River Brewing (1 minute walk from Jackknife Brewing).

6-Day Okanagan Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 6-Day Okanagan Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip in the Okanagan!

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