Canada – BC Road Trip Day 7

Pemberton/Whistler – Day 7 of a 12 Day BC Road Trip

Day 7 was a mix of Pemberton and Whistler activities. It was another cold day, although it felt slightly warmer than Day 6. We made sure to dress warmly before heading out for the day. Pemberton is only about a 30 minute drive north of Whistler and is worth a visit!

Day 7


Our first hike for the day was Rainbow Falls Loop, which is in Whistler. The fresh snow on the trail made it a good spot for snowshoeing. The hotel let me keep the snowshoes for the duration of our stay, so we did not have to request another pair for the day. The trail is steep at some spots, but overall, not too difficult. About halfway through the trail, we reached the main attraction, Rainbow Falls. The partly frozen waterfall glistened beautifully.

Rainbow Falls

After Rainbow Falls, we continued to trek uphill. Eventually, the trail opens up to the Forestry Service Road, which is closed during the Winter. At the top, we enjoyed a magical view of the valley, before heading back down to the parking lot.

After Rainbow Falls, we headed to Nairn Falls Provincial Park to check out another waterfall! Nairn Falls Provincial Park is a popular walk in Pemberton. The trail is completely flat, but narrow, and the river runs beside the trail. No snowshoes are needed, but I would recommend ice cleats during the winter. The backdrop of the forest, river, and mountains offers some spectacular views.

After about 30 minutes, we reached the Nairn Falls. The falls are mesmerizing to watch and are surrounded by large rocks. Millions of years ago, this area used to be part of the vast ocean. Over the years, movements of the earth’s crust changed this area from a seashore area to a mountainous area.

Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Next stop, lunch. We drove into Pemberton for lunch at Mile One Eating House. We each ordered the mile one burger, potato wedges, and kale gomae. I found the burger a bit too heavy (it is a lot of cheese), but still good. The kale gomae was my favourite!

After lunch, we stopped at Pemberton Brewery Co and shared a flight. We bought a 4-pack of the Blueberry Sour to take back with us.

The distillery is just down the street, so we visited Pemberton Distillery as well. The distillery offers free tastings and has multiple stills to choose from. They are most known for being one of the world’s only organic potato vodka producer. They also offer pre-booked tours at a small price.

Pemberton Distillery

After the distillery, we headed back to Whistler. For the afternoon, we went to Araxi for apres ski and ordered the 10 raw oysters for $19. Yum!

We then took an afternoon stroll around the village. We stopped at the Olympic Rings (again), and walked past the Maury Young Art Centre and the Audain Art Museum.

After our stroll, we headed back to the hotel. We had booked the hot tub at 6:30pm. The pool was also heated and was a nice way to relax before dinner. For dinner, we got takeout from La Cantina (Urban Taco Bar). I ordered 4 tacos – fish, chicken, pork and beef – and he ordered the taco bowl.

To finish the day, we cracked open the blueberry sours from Pemberton Brewing Co.

Complete Day 7 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

8:00am: Have breakfast. Suggestion: Purebread!

9:00am: Go for a snowshoe at Rainbow Falls Loop (10 minute drive from Whistler Village). Trail is about 1.5hour round trip.

11:00am: Visit Nairn Falls Provincial Park (24 minute drive from Rainbow Falls Loop). Trail is about 1 hour round-trip.

1:00pm: Lunch at Mile One Eating House (4 minute drive from Nairn Falls Provincial Park).

2:00pm: Visit Pemberton Brewing Co (8 minute drive from Mile One Eating House).

3:00pm: Visit Pemberton Distillery (1 minute drive from Pemberton Brewing Co.).

4:00pm: Go to Araxi for apres ski (35 minute drive from Pemberton Distillery).

5:00pm: Take a walk around the village. Visit the Audain Art Museum (6 minute walk from Araxi).

7:00pm: Dinner at La Cantina (4 minute walk from Araxi).

12-Day BC Road Trip Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 12-Day BC Road Trip Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip in BC!

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