Canada – Ontario Day 2

London – Day 2 of a 5-Day Trip in Ontario

Day 2 is focused on activities in downtown London. There was quite a bit of construction downtown, but nothing unmanageable. Downtown London has a variety of attractions, all within walkable distance!

Day 2


Prior to heading downtown, I made myself a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. I parked at the Ivey Park Parking Lot. The rates are reasonable, $2.50 per hour. Some of the other parking lots are $5/hour. To help local businesses, some lots offer free 2 hour parking with the HONK mobile app. I started my walk by visiting the Forks of the Thames River (Note: I actually did this walk after work one day, so the sun was starting to set, offering a great backdrop).

Forks of the Thames

Continuing on my walk, I passed the 1st Hussars Museum, the Museum London, the Old Court House, and Budweiser Gardens. The 1st Hussars Museum is small, but has tons of information on the 1st Hussars Militia Regiment and their role in history.

The Museum London is an art gallery. The Old Court House is modelled after the Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland and was built in 1827. It is unclear to me whether it ever served as a court house, but today it is a popular small events venue. The Budweiser Gardens is an arena for events such as hockey games and concerts.

Next stop – Kenzo Ramen for lunch. On the way, take in the sights of downtown London. I ordered the miso ramen and a side of gyoza. This gyoza serving was larger than expected and could have been its own meal.

After lunch, visit the shops at Covent Garden Market. The Market is home to a variety of boutique shops and the vibe reminds me of Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Right beside the market is Beerlab! Beerlab! is a brewery serving up IPA’s and DIPA’s with a twist.

Next, continue wandering and stop by St. Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria Park, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, the Dominion Public, the Canada Life Insurance, and City Hall Buildings (photos are in the same order as listed). At the centre of Victoria Park, there is a cenotaph constructed to honour those who died in the World Wars and Korean War.

Next, stop for dinner and drinks. For dinner, go to Tahini’s. Tahini’s is a well-rated Mediterranean restaurant with multiple locations in London. It is a no frills restaurant with fast service and good food. I ordered the chicken platter, which came with chicken (of course), rice, hummus, garlic sauce, vegetables, and sauces. For drinks, go to Toboggan Craft Brewery. The outdoor patio was busy during my visit and the brewery also serves food. Tahini’s and Toboggan Craft Brewery are close to each other, so you can do drinks first if you are still full from lunch.

After dinner and drinks, get ice cream from Roli Poli Ice Cream. Roli Poli sells ice cream by the jars, by the cones, and also in rolls. I had to try the rolled matcha ice cream. It came topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and a piece of waffle cone.

I had one last stop before finishing with my visit to Downtown London. The Eldon House is the oldest house in London, first built in 1834. It has been converted to a museum. Note: If you want to actually visit the museum, it closes at 5pm, so make sure to visit earlier in the day (perhaps before dinner). Afterwards, I headed back to the hotel for the evening.

Complete Day 2 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

9:00am: Have homemade breakfast.

10:00am: Head Downtown London. Start at the Forks of the Thames River. For the first half of your walk, visit 1st Hussars Museum (1 minute walk from Thames River), Museum London (2 minute walk from 1st Hussars Museum), Old Court House (2 minute from Museum London), and Budweiser Gardens (1 minute walk from Old Court House).

12:00pm: Have lunch at Kenzo Ramen (4 minute walk from Budweiser Gardens).

1:00pm: Explore Covent Garden Market (3 minute walk from Kenzo Ramen).

2:00pm: Have a drink at Beerlab! (3 minute walk from Covent Garden Market).

3:00pm: Continue on the Downtown London walk. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral (6 minute walk from Beerlab!), Victoria Park (7 minute walk from St. Paul’s Cathedral), St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica (1 minute walk from Victoria Park), the Dominion Public Building (2 minute walk from St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica), the Canada Life Insurance Building (5 minute walk from Dominion Public Building), City Hall (2 minute walk from Canada Life Insurance Building), and Eldon House (12 minute walk from City Hall).

5:00pm: Have a drink at Toboggan Craft Brewery (9 minute walk from City Hall).

6:00pm: Have dinner at Tahini’s (3 minute walk from Toboggan Craft Brewery).

7:00pm: Have ice cream at Roli Poli Ice Cream (5 minute walk from Tahini’s).

5-Day Ontario Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 5-Day Ontario Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip in Ontario (Toronto, Niagara Falls, and London Areas)!

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