Canada – Edmonton Day 1

Day 1 of a 4-Day Trip in Edmonton

We were in Edmonton for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province Alberta. I have driven through Edmonton a few times growing up, but we never stayed for very long. This was my first time spending more than an afternoon in Edmonton. Our visit was in the first week of September, so it was very warm still!

Day 1


The flight from Vancouver to Edmonton is quick – only an hour and thirty minutes. After picking up our car, we headed to our hotel to check-in. We were staying at the Courtyard by Marriott beside the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Edmonton. The hotel has a fee to park overnight ($25/night). We picked this location due to its proximity to the Fairmont (the wedding venue) and Chinatown (the reception venue). I would have preferred not to stay Downtown Edmonton, as Edmonton has nicer areas outside of downtown with free hotel parking. That said, there are still things to do downtown – bars, restaurants, museums, and more!

Once we dropped off our bags, we started our Downtown Edmonton walk starting with the Fairmont Hotel. The Fairmont Hotel is recognizable by its castle-like architecture.

Beside the Farimont Hotel is the 100 Street Funicular. The Funicular opened to the public in 2017 and connects the River Valley to Downtown Edmonton. It offers nice views of the North Saskatchewan River for no charge.

100 Street Funicular

We headed to Tres Carnales Taqueria for lunch. I ordered 4 al pastor tacos, which came with their house hot sauce. The tacos were good, but they do not let you mix and match your tacos.

We then walked to the Royal Alberta Museum. Admission fee is $21/adult. We did not pay the admission to see the museum, but there are paintings that are free to view on the second floor of the museum.

Next stop – City Hall. The Edmonton City Hall is actually a pretty cool spot. There is a large fountain area at the plaza, which is called the Sir Winston Churchill Square. During our visit, kids were running through the water to cool off from the heat. Make sure to go inside City Hall (it is free) to check out the architecture and exhibits!

Just down the street from City Hall is the Alberta Art Gallery. The admission is $14/adult. We did not visit, but the architecture is interesting to look at!

Alberta Art Gallery

We continued to the Neon Sign Museum. On the way, we passed by a mural painted by Giselle Denis located at 10004 – 103A Ave NW. The flower background was a prime location for pictures, so we had to stop.

The Neon Sign Museum is exactly as it sounds. It is a building with restored neon signs taken from Edmonton’s past. There is no admission fee and it is open 24 hours 7 days a week. The Neon Sign Museum was likely not as exciting during the day, but it was still very cool! It must be a lovely sight in the evenings.

Afterwards, head to the Craft Beer Market to take a break and have a drink! Then, have dinner at Chili Hot Pot Chinese Restaurant for all you can eat hotpot. Go after 9pm for 20% off late night prices. It was very busy when we went around 10pm. They have a huge selection (meats, vegetables, noodles, seafood, etc) and the portions are large – definitely worth the all you can eat price. We each got our own hot pot soup – I picked the Tom Yum Goong Soup. My favourite part about hot pot is creating my special hot pot sauce.

Complete Day 1 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

10:00am: Arrive at Edmonton International Airport.

11:00am: Head to Downtown Edmonton for a walk. Stop at the Fairmont Hotel (32 minute drive from Edmonton International Airport). Visit the 100 Street Funicular (1 minute walk from Fairmont Hotel).

12:00pm: Have lunch at Tres Carnales Taqueria (5 minute walk from 100 Street Funicular).

1:00pm: Visit the Royal Alberta Museum (10 minute walk from Tres Carnales Taqueria).

3:00pm: Visit Edmonton City Hall (1 minute walk from Royal Alberta Museum).

4:00pm: Visit Alberta Art Gallery (3 minute walk from Edmonton City Hall).

5:00pm: Take some pictures at the Giselle Denis Mural (4 minute walk from the Alberta Art Gallery). Visit the Neon Sign Museum (8 minute walk from the mural).

6:00pm: Grab a drink at Craft Beer Market (12 minute walk from the Neon Sign Museum).

9:00pm: Have late night dinner at Chili Hot Pot Chinese Restaurant (9 minute drive from Craft Beer Market).

4-Day Edmonton Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 4-Day Edmonton Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip in Alberta!

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