Canada – Edmonton Day 2

Day 2 of a 4-Day Trip in Edmonton

Day 2 was another warm summer day. We had a busy day with lots to see! I was especially looking forward to visiting the Telus World of Science.

Day 2


To start our day, we headed to Duchess Bake Shop for breakfast. The french bakery had a large selection of macarons and pastries. I picked a cheese croissant and he picked a scone. We ate it at the park across the street. Yum!

After breakfast, we headed to the Telus World of Science. The Telus World of Science is a museum with interactive science activities that will intrigue both children and adults. We have something similar in Vancouver called Science World, which I have visited a few times. The Telus World of Science in Edmonton is lots of fun and definitely worth a visit! My favourite part was the planetarium show (included in the admission ticket). At the time of our visit, a portion of the building was under renovations and it looked like there were big plans for this expansion. I do have to admit though, and perhaps I am a bit biased, but the architecture at Science World in Vancouver is more interesting.

After the Telus World of Science, we headed to lunch at Uncle Ed’s Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Ukrainian food and is located in a small grocery store. The restaurant was quite busy for lunch, but a table opened up shortly after our arrival, so we were promptly seated. We ordered a cup of borscht (beet soup) and the full real deal meal with sausage (4 perogies, 4 cabbage rolls, 2 baked buns, and 2 cheese crepes). The meal also came with a side of sour cream. Not only is the food delicious, but it is very affordable. We paid less than $20 for the meal!

Next, we headed to Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue). Whyte Avenue is lined with restaurants, cafe, bars, and boutique stores. The area reminded me of Vancouver – it felt like a blend of Kerrisdale and 4th Avenue. We stopped at Made by Marcus for ice cream. Made by Marcus is easily missed because it is located at the end of an alley away from the main street. We actually missed it the first time and had to back track. I picked a one scoop with two flavours – panna cotta with fig jam and lavender earl grey raspberry financier. The ice cream was excellent and perfect for a hot summer day.

This area is also home to breweries and a distillery. We did not visit any breweries, but a few in the area are Situation Brewing and Polar Park Brewing Company. The distillery, Strathcona Spirits Distillery, is a cute spot with its pink and blue façade. It is a bit further from the main area of Whyte Avenue though.

Strathcona Spirits Distillery

After wandering the many shops on Whyte Avenue (ex. the bookstore!), we had dinner at Hanjan Off-Whyte Ave (Note: I recently looked up Hanjan Off-Whyte Ave and it looks like they are permanently closed. However, Hanjan has two other locations in Edmonton which are still open. Another Korean fried chicken nearby is SFC Seoul Fried Chicken. It is actually the restaurant we wanted to go to originally, but they were closed during our visit). I thought Hanjan was a very cool spot as it sort of feels like a speakeasy. The entrance from the street is just a long stairwell. After descending the stairs, the room opens up to unveil a cool looking restaurant. We ordered the boneless korean fried chicken – padak and yangyum. Side dishes came with the korean fried chicken – mashed potatoes, bean sprouts, pickled onions, and kimchi.

Finally, we headed to Pablo Cheese Tart for dessert. I was very excited to see Pablo Cheese Tart in Edmonton! I first had their cheese tarts in Osaka, Japan and they were amazing. There is a large variety of options for flavours, however the original remains my favourite.

Complete Day 2 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

9:00am: Pick-up breakfast pastries at Duchess Bake Shop.

10:00am: Visit the Telus World of Science (5 minute drive from Duchess Bake Shop).

1:00pm: Have lunch at Uncle Ed’s Restaurant (18 minute drive from Telus World of Science).

2:00pm: Explore Whyte Avenue (17 minute drive from Uncle Ed’s Restaurant). Have ice cream at Made by Marcus. Go beer tasting at Situation Brewing and/or Polar Park Brewing Company. Visit Strathcona Spirits Distillery.

5:00pm: Have Korean Fried Chicken for dinner at Hanjan (or SFC Seoul Fried Chicken – 5 minute walk from Made by Marcus)! (Note: Hanjan at Whyte Avenue is permanently closed. SFC Seoul Fried Chicken is a good alternative).

7:00pm: Dessert at Pablo Cheese Tart (9 minute walk from SFC Seoul Fried Chicken).

4-Day Edmonton Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 4-Day Edmonton Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip in Edmonton!

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