Singapore Day 3

Day 3 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore We headed to Sentosa for our last day in Singapore, specifically to visit Universal Studios. Sentosa is a resort island in Singapore and can be reached by car, pedestrian board walk, cable car, or monorail. Sentosa is filled with a variety of attractions — beaches, amusement parks, museums, andContinue reading “Singapore Day 3”

Singapore Day 2

Day 2 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore For Day 2 in Singapore, we were headed to the Singapore’s Chinatown for the morning and then back to the downtown area for the afternoon. Despite the clouds, it was yet another warm day! Day 2  Singapore We were headed to My Awesome Cafe for breakfast, locatedContinue reading “Singapore Day 2”

Singapore Day 1

Day 1 of a 3-Day Trip in Singapore We arrived in Singapore from Taiwan late in the evening. Despite being early May, the climate was warm with temperatures reaching 30°C during the day. It felt like summer! After dropping our bags at the hostel, Happy Snail Hostel, we walked to the outdoor food court aroundContinue reading “Singapore Day 1”