Italy – Amalfi Coast Day 4

Pompeii, Vietri Sul mare, and Cava de’ Tirreni — Day 4 of a 6-Day Trip in Italy’s Amalfi Coast

We spent Day 4 at multiple locations – Pompeii, Vietri Sul Mare, and Cava de’ Tirreni. It was another hot day despite being October. Note we only spent half the day at Pompeii, but you can easily spend the whole day there.

Day 4

Pompeii, Vietri Sul Mare, and Cava de’ Tirreni

After a quick breakfast at the Airbnb, we drove 30 minutes to the Pompeii UNESCO World Heritage Site. We had booked a guided tour with an archaeologist – note admission fee to Pompeii needs to be purchased separately to the tour – which I do recommend as the archaeologist shared a lot of interesting facts and made my Pompeii visit more impactful. Pompeii was a flourishing city of Roman culture, until the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Today, it is an archaeological wonder and I was amazed at how well preserved it was! Despite the 2000 years difference, I was surprised by how advanced the community was with sliding doors to represent shops and fast food restaurants! Throughout the city, you will see plaster casts of real victims, which reminded me how terrifying the eruption was.

After Pompeii, we headed to lunch at Ristorante Pizzeria iMatti. The restaurant seemed small from the entrance, but once we were led through the hallway, the restaurant opens up to a fairly big patio space. I ordered a Diavola pizza (mozzarella, tomatoes, pork salami, chili oil, and basil) – delicious!

For the afternoon, we headed back to Vietri sul Mare (honestly my favourite beach in Amalfi) for another swim. How could I say no to this:

Vietri Sul Mare Beach

After the beach, we headed to Cava de’ Tirreni to walk around town and pick up 2 cakes from Mademoiselle Charlotte Patisserie (dessert for after dinner). Cava de’ Tirreni is a small city in the province of Salerno. It has a cute main square (Piazza Duomo). Leading to the square are walkways lined with porticos, shops, and restaurants; this area is called Borgo Scacciaventi. Another interesting spot to visit in Cava de’ Tirreni is the Abbey of La Trinità della Cava, which was founded in 1011. We unfortunately did not have a chance to check it out.

After wandering Cava de’ Tirreni, we headed back to the Airbnb for dinner.

Complete Day 4 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

8:00am: Have breakfast.

9:00am: Visit Pompeii (30 minute drive from Cava de’ Tirreni).

1:00pm: Have lunch at Ristorate Pizzeria iMatti (14 minute walk from Pompeii).

3:00pm: Go for an afternoon swim at Vietri sul Mare (30 minute drive from Pompeii).

5:00pm: Wander Cava de’ Tirreni (7 minute drive from Vietri sul Mare).

7:00pm: Have dinner at Cava de’ Tirreni.

16-Day Italy and Portugal Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 16-Day Italy and Portugal Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip!

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