Italy – Amalfi Coast Day 5

Path of the Gods and Positano — Day 5 of a 6-Day Trip in Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Day 5 on the Amalfi Coast was focused on the Path of the Gods and Positano. The Path of the Gods is a beautiful hike along the mountains/hills. The main hike is between Bomerano and Nocelle and takes 2 hours. It is not too difficult, but the downhill hike from Nocelle to Positano wore out my knees. Positano is a gorgeous city on the Amalfi Coast and is reachable by car, bus, and ferry.

Day 5

Path of the Gods and Positano

It was another hot day and we wanted an early start to avoid having to hike in the blistering sun. So after breakfast, we drove to Vietri sul Mare and parked in the main lot. From Vietri sul Mare, it is a 1 hour bus ride to Amalfi and then a transfer for another 40 minute bus ride to Bomerano di Agerola, the start of the Path of the Gods. There were quite a bit of hikers headed to the Path of the Gods from Amalfi and the bus filled up very quickly. Luckily the bus drivers decided to load a second and unscheduled bus to accommodate all the hikers. What a nice gesture! Note bus tickets cannot be bought on the bus and must be pre-purchased from a tobacco shop, newspaper stand, or bar. By around 10:30am, we arrived at the start of the Path of the Gods hike in Bomerano. From Bomerano, it is a 2 hour hike to Nocelle. You can also hike in the reverse direction, but Bomerano to Nocelle is the easier route as it is more downhill. The views are breathtaking and this hike is an absolute must in the Amalfi Coast! Make sure to bring water!

At Nocelle, there is a small store that sells lemonade called Lemon Point and a water fountain. Now, it was time to descend the 1700 steps to Positano. This was the most difficult part of the hike and my knees were thrilled once I reached the bottom of the steps. Positano is another seaside Amalfi Coast city with cliffside homes and colourful buildings.


The first order of business was lunch and we selected a nice spot called Ristorante Max Positano (we were definitely underdressed with our hiking attire). I ordered the lasagna and he ordered a simple tomato pasta – both were tasty.

After lunch, we headed to a nearby limoncello store called Sapori E Profumi Di Positano for a tasting. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur and is traditionally served as an after-dinner digestif.

Next, we wandered the streets of Positano and lounged at the beach, which was also the ferry pick-up location. We used TravelMar for all our ferry trips on the Amalfi Coast.

We took the ferry back to Amalfi, stopping for a pastry at Andrea Pansa in Amalfi, before getting on the next ferry to Vietri sul Mare to head back to the Airbnb for dinner.

Photos from the ferry ride:

Complete Day 5 Itinerary

*Travel times may vary. Check Google Maps for most accurate travel details.

7:00am: Have breakfast.

8:00am: Travel to the Path of the Gods trail head in Bomerano (15 minute drive to Vietri Sul Mare, then 1 hour bus to Amalfi, and another 40 minute bus to Bomerano di Agerola).

10:00am: Hike the Path of the Gods (2 hours hike from Bomerano to Nocelle).

1:00pm: Have lemonade at the Lemon Point in Nocelle, then descend to Positano (1 hour hike from Nocelle).

2:00pm: Have lunch at Ristorante Max Positano.

3:00pm: Wander Positano.

5:00pm: Take the ferry to Amalfi (25 minute ferry from Positano). Have a snack at Pasticerria Pansa Amalfi if time permits.

6:00pm: Take the ferry to Vietri sul Mare (45 minute ferry from Amalfi).

7:00pm: Have dinner.

16-Day Italy and Portugal Itinerary

Click “Download” below for an excel version of my 16-Day Italy and Portugal Itinerary. Feel free to use the excel file as a planning template for your own trip!

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